You can start over again!

It is the beginning of June and the first half of the year is in the books. Back in December, I wrote down 6 goals that I wanted to accomplish. To me these goals were somewhat thought out and last minute. I guess I wasn’t looking forward to another year of goals I would not complete.

As each month went by, I would use my accountability sheet to keep on track and I noticed that I was only consistent 2-3 days out the week. What it really boiled down to is I didn’t make time for what was important to me and I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my free time to get them done.

Staying on track with our goals require change and we all know change is hard. So there must be a “why” as the foundation of our goals to see them through.

Now the beautiful thing about not finishing something is you can always start over again! It doesn’t have to be January 1st for you to re-established your goals. Take this time and do a mid-year assessment . Maybe the goals you set back in January are no longer prevalent.

Before you set new goals, here are 4 things that can help you:

  1. Get outside and in a space of nature. You want to have a clear mind and no distractions when you come up with new goals. Being outside and allowing the sun to beam on your skin and the wind to lightly breeze through your hair, helps with being centered and focused.
  2. Pick up a beautiful journal that you can write down what you want to accomplish. Something about writing things down on paper reduces stress and allows us clear any clutter that may be in our mind.
  3. Find an accountability partner. Look for someone that will keep you on track and hold you accountable . A lot of times we give up on goals because we do not hold ourselves accountable .
  4. Go to and book a session to get help determining which goals are important in this season.

Goal setting is never easy because of the commitment it requires. You have to give up something in order to get something and that part scares a lot of people. But what should really scare you is continuing going through life without any goals. Who want to just get by day to day and not use the gifts that is instilled in us.

Why don’t you dream again. Get some fire back in your life. Bring back that women that knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. Quit playing it safe and start stepping up to the plate. It is your turn to bat!

























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