Resurrect Yourself

As many celebrated Resurrection Day or Easter, I thought about what resurrection meant to me, so I looked up the definition of resurrect. On, the definition is to raise from the dead; bring to life again.

I had to think…. what in my life do i need resurrected? Was it my dreams? My inner being? Things to be grateful for? This winter I became discouraged because the weather was cold, nights were starting at 4pm, and I wasn’t active. I had cabin fever and just wanted to shut myself in. Then this trickled down to my motivation. The things I enjoyed doing like reading self-help books, working in my side business, and staying positive, slowly fell down by the wayside.

I had to find a way to resurrect myself from this feeling of lowliness. Something to get me out of this funk. I needed a reason to continue to build my empire.

How many of you have feel like this? For me, it only happens when I do not have my goals in-front of me. I take my eyes off the prizes and let other things distract and discourage me. I can blame it on the weather, circumstances, or the lack there of but what it boils down to is… not keeping motivated .

Spring is my favorite season because it signifies new life and what better way to bring something back to life than dig up the old and replanting something new. Almost like a spring cleaning or for someone who has a garden, you would dig up all the old plants, tender your soil, then replant something new.

Here are 5 things that can help you replant new things into your life…

1.Identify energy zappers: Is it half-finished items, unresolved issues or guilt, being undecided about something, clutter, unmet needs? Whatever is stealing your energy remove them asap by identifying them and dealing with them today. Don’t hold off until another day because you will still have them waiting for you to resolve.

2. Detoxing relationship: Success experts state that who we spend the most time with, is key to our happiness. Evaluate who is improving your life and who is draining it. Just removing dead weight can improve your life immediately.

3. Excercise: Now that the weather is getting warmer and the evening is staying lighter longer, go walking during your lunch break or dust off that gym membership you got back in January lol! Just get back to getting physical and releasing those happy endorphins.

4. Recreate new goals: The goals you had last year may not be the goals you want to pursue this year. Take some time out and dream again. What is that one thing you really want to accomplish and be proud that you did? Just do it.

5. Create new daily habits: We often overlook how our daily habits affect our lives. It is often the small changes we do everyday that impact our overall picture. You know yourself. What areas of your life are you sabotage yourself? Is it always running late/waiting to the last-minute? Dropping the ball when others depend on you? Always having an excuse? Reintroduce new habits into your life so you can live a more productive and intentional life. We only have 24 hours a day and a lot of it is lost due to not planning our day.

It’s time to resurrect /restore yourself and live a more fulfilling life. That season of dead weight, dead things, and anything holding you back, has to be removed in-order for you to bring things back to life. If you need help spring cleaning your life, please click here and lets us help you get in control again.

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