Arvilla Beckworth is the founder of AB Personal Development Firm. She is also a writer, speaker, author, and mentor to women who want to reclaim their time, discover their purposes, and rebuild their dreams.

Arvilla’s personal story is one of resilience and self-discovery. She spent her early twenties hiding the emotional and physical scars of an abusive relationship from her family. She endured that storm for seven years before gaining the resources and confidence to leave. With support from her family, church, and counseling, she began the tough process of redefining her purpose.

Through these and other valuable experiences, Arvilla has gained the wisdom and skills to help other women define their goals and create actionable plans. Her philosophy is that no goal is too small. Whether a woman dreams of writing her first book or planning a much-desired vacation, Arvilla offers the guidance and follow-up needed to succeed. She credits journaling as being her go-to exercise for reflection and healing. Her love for writing has blossomed into her first book project, “How to Plan for a Successful Week! When being intentional pays off”.

Today Arvilla teaches women across the country how to rekindle their goals and ignite their passion for living. When she’s not working, Arvilla loves reading and spending time with her family in Colorado. She’s the proud mother of 6 children and a beaming grandmother of 5 plus a grand pup!

Arvilla is also a professional truck driver alongside her husband. She chronicles their trips on their YouTube channel Dis B TruckN, adding sparks of inspiration along the way.