The smell of fried turkey, candied yam, mac and cheese, greens, dressing with gravy, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie is making my mouth water. I try to eat light a few days before so I can guarantee the space for the goodness happening on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is one of those holiday’s you look forward to. Besides the day off, seeing  family and friends coming together is exciting. I remember we would always meet at my Grandma’s house because she enjoyed cooking. As soon as you hit her yard,  it smelled like a soul food restaurant.

All of the family members would come at different times, even after my Grandma told us to be there at a certain time. But the one thing we were on time for was prayer. Everyone grabbed each other’s hand, made a circle, and bowed our heads.

One of the elders prayed and always implied how thankful they were for us coming together, since we only see each other once maybe twice a year. They blessed the food we was about to receive and the person who prepared it.

Once we sat at the table with our food, it suddenly got quiet.  All you would see is everyone eating and no one talking for at least 10 minutes. Then someone broke the silence with something funny and now everyone is laughing.

As I close my eyes, I realize that Thanksgiving is not all about the food. It’s about family. We don’t spend enough time with our family as is because work gets in the way, we are too tired, or we do not feel like messing with people. So each year, family gatherings become less and less.

With me being an over the road truck driver, I miss my family dearly and look forward to our get togethers and this Thanksgiving will be different because I will not make it home due to work.

If I can leave a piece of advice to you, never take your family time for granted. If your family doesn’t have a tradition to get together a couple times of year, YOU be the one to put it together.

If money is an issue, have a potluck. If everyone is scattered across the US, put together an annual reunion. If family members are not getting along, pray over the division in the family.

Our older generation will no longer be here for us to turn to for advice so this Thanksgiving, be thankful for family.