It’s Time to Unplug

As 2018 comes to an end, I realize my electronic device consumption has tripled. It doesn’t help that social media is on top of this list or the latest show has been sitting in my DVR waiting for me to watch it, but my overall time is in these devices. I remember the days when you would not worry if you left your phone at home because the answer machine was good enough to check, once you got home. Or you didn’t spend hours on end scrolling through social media looking at people highlight reels, because you were out living your own life.  As we move to the future and more of our time is being consumed, we have to be able to unplug. Not only from electronics, but work, stress, social media, etc. If you get a moment, think back to your childhood days when you would play for hours on in and not have a care in the world. What does that feel like to you? Peaceful, carefree, freeing. Close your eyes a little while longer and really feel that day. As I sit here, I can remember the time in 4th grade when I had recess and decided to get on the swings. I would swing my legs back and forth until I reached a certain height. Then I would stop and look at the blue sky imaging myself laying on a cloud while the sun would basked on my face. Even though I was in the 4th grade, at that moment, I did not have a care in the world.

What I am getting at is, we lose enough of our time just working, stressing, and whatever else that is taking our time. What we can control is, unplugging from time to time. Maybe once a month you book a spa day,  take a weekend trip to a place you always wanted to go, or have a picnic at a local park and then layout reading your favorite book afterwards. To save on money, pick a weekend once a month (more if you can) and you take time for yourself.  Stay in your PJ’s all weekend and catch up on your favorite shows or get some much-needed sleep. Meet up with some friends and just hangout. Or maybe start a new hobby that you would devote 48 hours to. Now granted some things you need may require electronics, but try to limit the use to 1-3 hours and then use the rest of the time letting your eyes rest. Unplugging may look like spending time with family. Put the phone down and really give your undivided attention to them. You will be surprise what that will do to your relationship. In 2019, I will be taking my own advice and find ways to unwind. With 24 hours in a day, you can either do it rested and refreshed or stressed and unhappy. You decide.

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