Are you serving from an empty cup?

As February is considered the month of love due to the commercialized holiday “Valentine’s Day”, I was thinking of another type a love. One that is unselfish, much needed and under utilized. I am talk about self-care.

In order for us to really be at our best, we need to put things in place to reach that goal. No one gives it to you. No one shows you how to get it. No one show you how to maintain it. You have to make it YOUR priority to put yourself first in this area.

Think of self-care like a garden. If it is dry, unattended, and not worked on, it looks like a hot mess. If it is watered, attended to, and filled with beautiful flowers, it looks like a picture out of the home & garden channel. Something cared for and maintained, tends to flourish.

It is not selfish to love yourself. You are the creator of your happiness. If you do not make your health and happiness a priority, it will show up in ever area in your life. Your cup is empty and needs to be refilled daily.

Here are a few things self-care can look like: taking a walk, turning off all electronics and spending time with yourself uninterrupted, writing in your journal about the things you are grateful for, planning your week so it runs smoothly, listening to music, catching up on much needed rest, treating yourself to a spa day, getting together with friends and just being yourself .

If you do not know where to start, create a new habit of daily self-care. On Sundays maybe you spend 1 hour in the evenings planning your week with what you are going to wear for the week or do meal prep and create a week of healthy, cost effective meals. On Tuesdays you pamper yourself to a mani/ pedi or fill your bath with your favorite bath salts and listen to some soothing music. Or better yet, on Fridays you call your family or friends and set up a weekly appointment for much need girl time to catch up.

Life will keep you on your toes so what better way to stay ahead of the game than by taking better care of yourself. Stop serving from an empty cup and start letting your overflow be where you serve from.







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