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You keep telling yourself that if you just had more money and time, you could achieve your goals. But we both know that those are excuses. Here are the real reasons why you feel stuck right now:

  1. You don’t have a clue where to begin, and 2. you don’t know how to be accountable.

That’s right, I’m calling you out!

I know you’ve been waiting around for this huge breakthrough to happen, but I’ve got news for you: breakthroughs don’t appear out of thin air. They’re the fruit of faith, support, and intentional planning. But no matter what you’ve been through, it’s not too late to make your goal a reality. With the right mindset and a solid plan, you can achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

Free 15-minute strategy session

Sometimes you need to run something by someone just to make sure you are on the right track or maybe you need a brain dump to get some things out of your head. Whatever the occasion may be, lets use this 15-minutes to figure out what the next step is. It doesn’t cost you a thing!

Discovery Call $99

I specialize in teaching women how to win after life’s biggest transitions. Book your clarity call today and I’ll customize a plan to get you on track to your goals. During our one-hour session, we will:

  • Name one dream or goal that you want to achieve ( for example, a book you need to write or a trip you’ve always wanted to take)
  • Identify roadblocks to your success
  • Develop a strategy to break down those roadblocks
  • Create a detailed plan to achieve your goal

After just one session, you’ll have the tools and clarity needed for success. Your purpose is waiting for you. Take charge of your destiny and book a call today!

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Book Me to Speak at Your Next Event! $499

As a vision driven personal coach, I’m thrilled to offer my expertise in three areas: personal development, single parenting, and domestic violence.

By sharing my personal journey, I encourage women to get intentional about setting and achieving goals. I would be honored to bring one of my dynamic talks to your event or group. Whether you need a motivational speaker at your shelter or non-profit organization or want to plan a personal development workshop, I have an inspiring message for your group. 

Speaking Topics Include:

  • A Time to Heal: Rediscovering Your Purpose After Domestic Violence
  • There is Light: Encouragement for Young Single Mothers
  • Living on Purpose: How to Manifest Your Goals Through Intentional Planning

 To book a speaking engagement, click the link