How to Plan for a Successful Week eBook


If you’ve been feeling stuck in your schedule and think you don’t have time for self care goals, I guarantee The How to Plan For A Successful Week eBook will bring you the relief you need from a life of overwhelm and exhaustion.

Simplify your schedule and energize your goals

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How To Plan For A Successful Week

Achieving your goals wasn’t always this complicated. You used to go where you wanted, when you wanted. You’d steal a little time here and there to pamper yourself or relax without guilt. You followed your dreams with action. Then things changed. Your career demanded more of you. Your family blossomed and your task list stretched you beyond limits you didn’t know you had.

Now your “me time” looks like sacrificing sleep to squeeze in an episode of your favorite show or eating a quick meal on the go just for a few minutes of solitude.

You need a slow down. You deserve it.

As a personal development coach, entrepreneur, wife, and mother, I know that wearing too many hats can start to weigh on your shoulders. That’s why I created a proven strategy for balancing your commitments with your need for self care.

The How To Plan For A Successful Week eBook is your key to a more personally fulfilling life. It’s filled with exercises and templates that build up to 5 hours of flexibility and freedom into your schedule.

You’ll become a pro at establishing weekly routines that honor your need for self care,

  • Prioritizing your tasks and planning for the unexpected,
  • Creating time for passion projects like writing your book or starting your business,
  • Setting up a budget that tackles debt and makes money for your “me time” activities.

Give yourself permission to slow down without feeling overwhelmed or guilty! With this guide, you’ll find time to replenish, reconnect with your passions, and align with your health and wellness goals. 


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